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Safe hospitality

Safe hospitality

Risk-free booking & arrival
Until further notice we have adapted our terms and conditions to the current situation to give you booking security. Should the Covid-19 pandemic result in local or personal travel or other restrictions (such as quarantine or government travel bans), there will be no cancellation fees.
We ask you to arrive in good health and to stay at home if you suspect any illness or have clear symptoms.

Reception / Check-in / Check-out
The reception area has been fitted with plexiglass walls to prevent infection and guest areas have been set up to make it easier to comply with the distancing rules, while at the same time being able to look after you as charmingly and briskly as usual. You can of course pay contactless.

Face masks
Please bring your personal, new safety accessory with you. In case of emergency we also have masks available at reception at cost price.

Hygiene in the room
The daily room cleaning has been adapted to the new requirements and developed together with our hygiene partner.
The cleaning staff wear face masks and gloves and work with disinfectant cleaning agents.
The laundry is washed by a professional company according to strict hygiene regulations.

Wellness area & fitness room
The wellness area and fitness room are open to the public, subject to the minimum distancing rule and the maximum number of people allowed and the official regulations.

Naturally, we want to continue to offer you the fine dining you are used to, in compliance with the new regulations.
In the "dasGOLD′S" restaurant we comply with the appropriate safety distance between the tables and ask you to reserve your table in good time. We kindly ask you to sanitise your hands before entering the restaurant and buffet areas.
A face mask must be worn at the breakfast buffet and other buffets and we ask you to observe the distancing rules. Disposable gloves are available for taking the food.

General hygiene measures
Our cleaning and disinfection plans have been adapted on the basis of the Austrian Hotel Association’s current hygiene guidelines.
Display stands with sanitiser are available at critical points (at the entrances, the reception, in front of the restaurant area, etc.)
Cleaning intervals have been increased and all areas are also regularly disinfected.
All critical contact points such as door handles are also regularly disinfected.
The team at the Hotel Metropol is and will be continuously trained on the hygiene and safety standards and is committed to complying with them.
Hygiene and safety rules also apply to our partners and suppliers.

What do we do in the event of an infection at the hotel
Should there be a suspected case of Covid-19 at the hotel, we have developed an emergency plan to implement the correct measures quickly.
Please inform us if you do not feel well and have symptoms. Our reception staff are trained and can help you professionally.
  • The sick guest and anyone with them must stay in their room
  • We will immediately inform a doctor
  • In a suspected case, the doctor will inform the health authorities
  • The room will be professionally disinfected